Context Family Network Leadership 

Bridget Kilroy is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Context Family Network. Context Family Network dedicates it’s time to curating unique events that attract the highest caliber of families to collaborate across various industries and catalyze new leadership in families an philanthropy. Prior to co-founding Context Family Network in 2016, Bridget was a Senior Marketing Manager at Lido Advisors, a boutique wealth management firm in Beverly Hills.

Bridget is a marketing and branding professional with an interest and passion for business development. Her deep connections in the family office community allows her to facilitate introductions between families in order to create a cross-pollination of ideas and opportunities between various industries. This led to Bridget founding the NextGen Leaders Network in the fall of 2014, which has successfully grown to 5 cities. 

Mark Salameh is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Context Summits and Context Family Network. Mark brings over 20 years of business management, sales, and marketing experience across the alternative asset management industry with a specific focus on events.

Over the past two decades, Mark’s primary focus has been on building solution based businesses within the alternative asset management industry that cater to allocators and managers. Prior to Context Summits and Context Family Network, Mark held several management and senior level positions with financial media and event companies including MARHedge, Institutional Investor and Thomson Financial.

Context Family Network Team